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SE::Rambler - parser of Rambler search results

Jul 10, 2017

  • Collected data(top)

    • Links, anchors and snippets from search results
    • List of related keywords (hints)

    Collected data(top)


    The possibilities(top)

    • This parser supports multiple operators, including url:, site:, inurl:, host:, rhost:, domain:, etc.
    • It can parse up to 50 pages with 50 results from each of them
    • It also parses related keywords ($hints).

    Use cases and options(top)

    With this parser you can:
    • collect a database of links;
    • estimate the competitiveness for keywords;
    • find all the backlinks of a website;
    • do everything related to Rambler scraping.


    • Write exactly like you are typing a query in Rambler search box. For instance, you need to collect 10 links from English Wikipedia with the name “Donald Trump”. Type:


    • In less than a minute you’ll get the result:

    Setting options(top)

    Global settings for all parsers
    SettingDefault valueDescription
    Pages count5The number of pages should be scraped
    Search settings - sortSites by relevanceSort pages or websites by relevance or date
    Search settings - results per page5The number of results from each page. Up to 50.
    Search settings - page filteringModerate filterFilter settings. You can choose moderate filter, family search or unrestricted search results.
    Search settings - languageRussianThe language of search. English is available, too!
    AntiGate presetDefaultPreset of Util:AntiGate parser. You should set up the parser Util::AntiGate. This means you need to specify the key of access and other parameters and then to select the preset you’ve just created. Look for more information here.

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