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SE::Yandex::Speller - checking pages for errors in the text through Yandex.Speller

Sep 18, 2017

  • Collected data(top)

    • Text blocks in which errors are found


    • Determination of the number of blocks in which there are errors
    • The derivation of possible causes of errors in the text

    Use options(top)

    • Search for the number of text blocks in which there are errors
    • Checking the pages of the site for spelling errors in the text
    • Check spelling on site pages


    • As requests, you must specify the address of the site page you want to check, for example:


    • The number of blocks in which there are errors
    • List with the word and the possible cause of the error

    Possible settings(top)

    Global settings for all parsers
    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    Checking languages
    OptionsПропускать слова, написанные заглавными буквами, например, "ВПК".,
    Пропускать слова с цифрами, например, "авп17х4534".,
    Пропускать интернет-адреса, почтовые адреса и имена файлов.,
    Игнорировать римские цифры ("I, II, III, ...").
    Checking options
    HTML::TextExtractor presetdefaultPreset for HTML::TextExtractor HTML::TextExtractor. Allows to specify the settings for text parsing.