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Util::AntiGate - Recognition of a captcha through services the supporting AntiGate API

Jul 10, 2017

  • Collected data(top)

    • Receives the response from service Anticaptcha or any other API using them

    Use options(top)

    • Recognition of captcha
    • It is used for setup of recognition in the parsers supporting recognition of captcha (SE::Google, SE::Yandex, etc.)


    • As requests it is necessary to specify the link to a captcha, an example


    • The recognized text will be as a result displayed

    Possible settings(top)

    Global settings for all parsers
    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    AntiGate Domainantigate.comDomain of service Anticaptcha, allows to specify the alternative service supporting them API
    Key-Key of access to service
    HTTP errors retries5Number of attempts to recognize captcha in case of failures of a network
    HTTP timeout60A timeout of the response of the server in seconds
    Wait between get status5Time delay between inquiries of service of antigate about a capcha status
    Max wait time300Maximum wait time of the recognized captcha
    NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE retries5Number of attempts to flood captcha to service of anticaptcha, if service issues the message on an overload
    NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE interval2Waiting interval between attempts in seconds
    Param "phrase"0 0 = value by default (one word). 1 = the captcha has two words
    Param "regsense"00 = value by default (the register doesn't matter). 1 = the register matters
    Param "numeric"00 = value by default. 1 = capcha consists only digits. 2 = captcha has no digits
    Param "calc"00 = value by default. 1 = mathematical action from digits on a captcha
    Param "min_len"00 = value by default. >0 = the minimum length of the text on captcha which worker shall enter
    Param "max_len"00 = value by default (isn't restricted) >0 = the maximum length of the text on a captcha, which worker shall enter
    Param "is_russian"00 = value by default. 1 = to show captcha to the worker with knowledge of Russian
    Fake answerFalse response, doesn't use service and gives out directly an accidental string as a response, is used for testing of parsers
    Report bad captchasIf this option is disabled, it saves time to check correct captcha. Actual for CapMonster and XEvil

    Useful links(top)

    Example of setup of Antigate