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SE::Yandex - Parser of search results of Yandex

Dec 23, 2020

  • Collected data(top)

    • Amount of results on request
    • Links, anchors and snippets from serp
    • Time of the first and last caching (only for desktop output)
    • List of the related keywords
    • Defines whether counted Yandex request as a misprint or not
    • Parsing link to a page cache (only for desktop output)
    • The list of names of site icons, and their types, if present (including Turbo)
    • Top, middle and bottom ads blocks from all pages
      • Link, visible links, anchor, snippet and domain
      • Additional links and anchors
      • Metro station


    • Selecting the type of search: mobile/desktop
    • Support of all retrieval operators of Yandex (site:, lang:, etc.)
    • Parse the maximum number of results given by Yandex - 20 pages on 50 elements in outputs
    • Search capability of related keywords
    • Supports a choice of the region of search, the domain
    • Possibility of sorting of output by date
    • Parse page indexing time, with possibility of filtering results on this parameter
    • Option of emulation browser (allows to achieve the high speed of parsing and the small expenditure каптч)
    • Possibility of bypass captcha by means of the AntiCaptcha service or any other API supporting them (recommended to enable the is_russian parameter in the antigate setting)

    Use options(top)

    • Collection of reference bases - for A-Poster, XRumer, AllSubmitter, etc.
    • Assessment a competition for keyword
    • Search of backlinks (references) of the sites
    • Check of an indexing of the sites
    • Search of the vulnerable sites
    • Any other options implying parsing of Yandex in this or that look


    • As requests it is necessary to specify retrieval phrases, in the same way as though they were entered directly into the form of search Yandex, for example:


    • List of links on requests is as a result displayed:

    Possible settings(top)

    Global settings for all parsers

    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    DeviceModern desktop computer (Windows 10, Chrome 70)Selecting the type of output
    Links per page50Number of links in outputs to each page
    Pages count5Number of pages for parsing
    Sort serp by dateSorting of output according to date
    Yandex domainwww.yandex.ruYandex domain for parsing, are supported all domains (yandex.ru, yandex.ua, yandex.by, yandex.com.tr). Since version 1.1.345 is selected automatically depending on the region.
    Region of serp (lr=)РоссияSelect search region (parametr lr=)
    Search sites from (rstr=)Not setChoice of regional binding sites (parametr rstr=)
    AntiGate presetdefaultIt is necessary before to set up parser Util::AntiGate - to specify the key of access and other parameters then to select the created prest here
    Parse not found Determines whether parse output if on required request is found zero results and output on other request is offered
    Emulate browserOption of emulation browser
    Not personalizedPersonalized search
    LanguageAnyLanguage of the search results
    Filter pagesModerate filterFilter results from inappropriate content